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Private and group music lessons for all ages and levels in: Piano, Woodwinds, Brass, Guitar, Voice, Drums, Music Theory, and Multimedia & Sound Design.

Our passion for music with aspiring young and mature musicians of all abilities on the North Shore and the Lower Mainland through a dedicated music centre with devoted educators. We provide a thriving and fun learning community that instills creativity, confidence and excellence.

A testimonial from one of our parents:

"My daughter has taken voice lessons for almost 3 years at Fairfield Music. She looks forward to her Tuesday sessions with Mel each week and I can hear her practicing...singing away in her room and to an impromptu audience at any opportunity.

Our experience with Fairfield has been nothing but professional, accommodating, and inspiring. The environment ensures fun but at the same time, encourages her to try new things. Beyond voice training, she recently layered in guitar lessons and when music theatre classes were offered last Spring, both my daughters got involved. We plan to add piano in next! Fairfield offers it all!"

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Music Fact

Scientists in Germany have discovered that pianists have more efficient brains. A group led by Dr. Timo Krings required pianists and non-musicians of the same age and sex to perform complex sequences of finger movements. Their brains were scanned using a technique called 'functional magnetic resonance imaging' (fMRI) which detects the activity levels of brain cells, by measuring changes in blood flow. The non-musicians were able to make the movements as correctly as the pianists. However, the amount of brain activity in areas controlling movement was different. The pianists made the correct movements while having less brain activation. Thus, compared to non-musicians, the brains of pianists are more efficient at making skilled movements. These findings show that musical training can enhance brain function.